Important Things to Understand About Termite Infestations in the Home

Hiring professional pest control to end a termite infestation is essential to make sure the work is completed properly. Professional technicians have the skills and training to do the job effectively, and they also have access to specialized pesticide products. A termite invasion is serious business, and immediate steps should be taken to eradicate the bugs. An organization such as Ortex Pest provides help for property owners in eliminating termites as well as for ant control and management of other bugs.

Characteristics of Termites

Termites look similar to flying ants, but there are important distinctions that indicate which insect the property owner is dealing with. One main characteristic to look for is wings of equal length; that is a feature of termites but not of ants. In addition, the antennae of termites are straight but ants have antennae with a bend.

The termite is crucial in the world’s ecosystem because the insects chew up, eat and break down dead wood in forests. This process enriches the soil for future growth. However, the destruction they cause to buildings is phenomenal. Depending on the specific kind of termite, colonies can range in size from 50,000 to some 2 million bugs. Queen termites lay thousands of eggs every year.

Indications of Infestation

Sometimes the home’s residents don’t even see any termites but notice other signs of an infestation. They may find insect droppings or just some wings that were shed from the bugs. They may find a pile of powdery material that is like fine sawdust. This substance is known as frass, which the termites leave behind.


If the infestation is widespread in the structure, effective termite control may require fumigation of the building. The residents must put all food away in places where the pesticide won’t reach. Plants should be removed from the building. All household residents, including pets, will need to stay somewhere else while the work is going on. Many customers of termite management services decide to go away for a couple of days.

Future Prevention

Effective Pest Control also requires ongoing effort on the part of the home’s residents. If the place has a fair bit of clutter, it becomes a haven for little creatures that like to hide. The residents should clear out piles of old newspapers and magazines, and any other stuff that is packed into corners or along walls. This includes getting rid of things with little to no value from the basement, garage and attic.


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